The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
HBO/ George C. Wolfe and Oprah Winfrey

The Fantastic Four
Twentieth Century Fox / Marvel / Josh Trank

Mora Stephens /  Darren Aronofsky

Not For Human Consumption  
Magic Flame Productions
Director: Chris Alonso and Josh Louis

Director: Octavian Onuc

Help Me
Director:  Liu Lui

The Film Contest    
Rear Window ProductionsDirector: Alex Marques/ Ticco Torres

The Alternate   
Lead: Dr. Anna Grayson
 Director:  Kyler Taustin
(winner in the Palm Beach Film Festival) 


The First                                           Recurring           Hulu                    Beau Williman / JordanTapis
Macgyver                                          Co-Star              CBS                    Henry Winkler
Star Crossed                                         Co-Star               CW Network       Henry Sinclair
High Rise                                                Recurring            FOX                   Steve Barnes
Saturday Night Live                            Co-Star              NBC              

Industrial Films and Infomercials
Over 25 principal and speaking roles 

Conflicts upon request and demo available

Anthony Bova- Eric Morris Method-Ionica Theater, New York -Times Square
Burt Reynolds Master Acting Class - Scene Study : Instructor:  Mr. Burt Reynolds​ (on-going)
Cindy Hogan - Scene Study
Kimberly Graham CD- Judy Henderson Casting ( NY)  
Richard Futch CD- Scene study, TV 
Lori Wyman CD-Film 
Ellen Jacoby CD and Jefferey Donovan: Scene Study
Kathy Laughlin CD (Tampa)​
Leeds Actors Studio - (on-going) 
Improvisation-Atlantic Arts Academy
Marc Durso Act True Studios - Uta Hagan 
Combat and Stunt Training for Film- Florida Combat and Stunts
Bachelors Degree- Broadcast Journalism and Theater

Special Skills
Conversational Tagalog (Philippine Language), Basic Stunt and Fighting, Boxing, Archery, Firearms, Tennis, Rock climbing, Trapeze, Cheerleading, Parasailing, Runner, Photographer, Jet Ski, Yoga, and Sport Fishing. 

Burt Reynolds Master Acting Class Showcase -Performed in " Proud to be a Waitress"

"Jane Rumbaua is the perfect modern, career woman who makes perfect look good, she just can't do anything wrong.  " 
                        - Carol Saunders, Scripps News - Palm Beach Entertainment

"Jane Rumbaua is a talented and brave actor.  She is hungry to dive into the complexities of creating the character’s reality.  To the directors out there … work with Jane if you want your job to be easier and fuller."

- Anthony Vincent Bova- Ionica Theater, New York 
Artistic Director - Times Square Actors Institute

Jane Rumbaua
Height: 5'5  Weight: 105